GOLDCOAST SUBS HISTORY GoldCoast Subs has been a family business since the very start. We  wanted to bring Wisconsin  our vision on delicious subs, and since we have  been around for almost 20 years we tend to think you really agree that the  subs are fantastic. We opened our first location in Milwaukee on March 14th, 1994 with the  motto "The Best Subs In All Of Suburbia". Since then we have been doing  our best to bring amazing subs to the great people of Wisconsin. The first  store we opened was located on 59th and Burnham and is still serving subs  there today. We have had several stores come and go since then, locations  on Packard and Adams, 27th and Howard, Chase and Dakota, and  Oklahoma Ave have all brought our subs to their respective areas for years  before moving on to new locations. Our second currently running store on  42nd and Layton opened up last year and is chugging along nicely! Also keep your eyes open for a new store coming soon! Our new motto  "Spice It Up" hopefully exemplifies our desire to bring something out of the  ordinary to your lunch or dinner table. We plan on sticking around for years  to come, bringing you the tastiest subs in Wisconsin! The generously sized grinders at GoldCoast  Subs are extremely tasty, but a bit messy  thanks to the shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes  and luscious seasonings and oil adorning each  of these masterpieces. Still, they're well worth  the extra maneuvering and a bit of spillage,  and the plastic sacks encasing Gold Coast's  creations are perfect for containing any extra  oil that might run off. The Gourmet, which is made of salami and  bologna, is the main attraction here, but the  Pentagon Club, which stars ham and turkey,  comes quite close to stealing the show. The  seeded Italian rolls hosting these fine fillings  are fresh and soft.  GoldCoast Subs  come in a  6-inch default size, but there are also colossal  2-foot versions that will bust your gut if you  try to polish one off solo. Some patrons enjoying lunch recently at the  local chain said they think GoldCoast's heroes  are more like the original Suburpia subs than  those from current locations. Gold Coast Subs,  which has three area locations, and Suburpia  do have a history - try sandwiches from both  places and judge for yourself.